Jon & Kate Being Investigated for Breaking Child Labor Laws

May 29, 2009 By:
Jon & Kate Being Investigated for Breaking Child Labor Laws

The saga between Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin has now been extended to their eight children. The latest development doesn’t have anything to do with the state of their union. Now they have their kids to worry about.

According to People, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor is investigating whether or not the TLC show violates child labor laws. They had received complaints about the show, and decided to look into it.

A spokesman for the department said in a statement, "We're not saying that they are not complying with child labor laws. We're investigating a complaint. We're not saying that there was or was not a violation, just that we're conducting an investigation."

TLC is back their show and the Gosselins, saying, “TLC fully complies with all applicable laws and regulations. Jon and Kate + 8 is no exception. For an extended period of time, we have been engaged in cooperative discussions and supplied all requested information to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor. We will continue to engage the appropriate officials and meet any standards or regulations that are applicable to TLC productions."

The kids definitely are a big part of the show, and are in every scene besides the confessionals. But TLC believes that because the children aren’t “acting,” it’s not an issue.

What do you think? Should there be law governing how much children can be exposed on a reality show?