Dancing With the Stars Contestants Defend Kate Gosselin

April 13, 2010 By:
Dancing With the Stars Contestants Defend Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin has gotten nothing but bad press since she began this season of Dancing With the Stars. But Hollyscoop talked to the contestants and fans of the show at Mark Ballas' performance at the Mint in LA, and you might be surprised at what they think of her!

Kristi Yamaguchi: "I think everyone brings different levels of experience and that is what makes it interesting. I think someone in her position has an advantage in a way that they can show the improvement more than with Nicole. The judges like seeing that."

Cheryl Burke: "We don’t really see each other. Kate is an amazing woman and we had an amazing time together. She is a sweet warm-hearted mother. I respect everything she has done for her and her kids, she is working really hard like any other mom."

Shannon Elizabeth: "People want to see her and that is great. The show is all about ratings."

Derek Hough: "I think people need to tale a pill and relax. It’s show business everyone loves to hate or make fun of somebody. It’s like school, I think tonight she did a fantastic job. I was really proud of her."

Anna Trebunskaya: "I don’t think its fair, she is actually like a lot of other women. She works hard for her family. The media takes an angle of celebrities, hopefully through the show people will see she is caring."

Aiden Turner: "Kate has always been bashed in the press. I know better than to believe what you read. When it is in your face so much you tend to believe it. Through being on the show I have learned that she is a sweet heart. She has eight children but she is not like they perceive her. She is a nice girl. Leave her alone a little bit, how is she going to find a man if everyone says she is a devil."