Cops Called to Jon & Kate's House

August 14, 2009 By:
Cops Called to Jon & Kate's House

Jon & Kate's divorce is getting so nasty, the former couple can't bare being in the same house with each other anymore. Cops were called to Gosselin family home in Wernersville, Pa., on Thursday after Kate Gosselin arrived at the house and got into a verbal argument with Jon Gosselin.

Jon was at the house with the kids nanny, the same one he was rumored to hook up with, and Kate was not having it! They got into a huge argument and Kate reportedly called the cops.

"[Police] got there and calmed the situation down," an officer tells People. "No one was arrested and no citations were issued."

A source said that Kate showed up to the house unexpected to see who was watching the kids and apparently she wasn't too happy about
which nanny it was.

"Due to the custody agreement, Kate couldn't enter the property," the source says. "The cops had no choice but to tell Kate she couldn't go past the gate."

The argument resulted in Kate checking into a local Days Inn motel in Reading. She was reportedly really distraught and crying over the situation.

"[Kate] is sickened by the just the sight of Jon," another source added to Star. "She plays the victim in public, but behind closed doors, Kate wants Jon to suffer. She taunts him by telling him he's fat and ugly."

And Jon isn't helping the situation, he keeps pushing Kate's buttons and often calls her a "granny" because he knows she's becoming insecure about her age and that can make her cry.

This war of roses keeps getting worse and worse. We wouldn't be surprised if they get into a full blown physical fight for the paparazzi soon. They both clearly hate each other but they're forced to communicate because of their show and their kids. Sad!