Kat Von D Buys a $2 Million Hollywood Hills Home

September 20, 2011 By:
Kat Von D Buys a $2 Million Hollywood Hills Home

Meet the house that endless hours of drawing tramp stamps built. Reality star Kat Von D just bought a big ol’ house in the Hollywood Hills. Should be plenty of hoedown room for her and Jesse James.

The 4,148 square foot estate has four bedrooms, four and a half baths, and a separate guesthouse that includes its own kitchen. The home is a 1920s Spanish style mansion situated in the hills. The kitchen boasts granite countertops and rugged, textured ceilings.

There’s no pool, but there is a backyard patio with bar, barbeque and fire pit. Oh, and also a big hot tub. Unfortunately, she and Jesse will probably use it to make a “big ol’ vat o’ varmin stew.”

Von D spent $2.2 million on this, and I know a couple mil is a lot, but this seems like a damn good deal. I thought Los Angeles was supposed to be ridiculously, grandiosely expensive. Perfect weather, eclectic culture, best food—why doesn’t everyone live in L.A.? Oh, right, they do. Damn traffic.

It’s a good thing Von D is being frugal though. Her LA Ink show was recently cancelled. And in the midst of her recent stress, rumors have been swirling that Von D is losing her hair. Friends say that Kat has started to wear wigs to cover up her bald patches.

“Kat has bald spots and it’s from stress,” a source told RadarOnline.com. “The combination of all the treatments she does to her hair and stress have finally caught up with her. She’s started ordering wigs along with the hair pieces and extensions she already uses. The stress of losing her hair is only stressing her out more and making it worse.”

Alright, I’ll make fun of her failing show, relationship and tattoo mistakes, but I’m not gonna say sh-t about a woman losing her hair. What am I, a monster?

Earlier this month, reports surfaced that not only were Jesse and Kat getting back together, they were planning to make a baby. That sounds healthy. Chelsea Handler blogged:

“According to a "source," which I assume is a tattoo artist, Jesse has had children with 'almost every woman he's been committed to.'"

Does this guy think there’s a punch card for having babies and if he gets enough stamps he gets a free one? Slow your roll, James.

Side note—is it just me, or does Jesse James kinda look like he smells like barbecue?