Jesse James and Kat Von D Had a "Fairy Tale Love Story"

August 2, 2011 By:
Jesse James and Kat Von D Had a

According to L.A. Ink’s Executive Producer, Gil Lopez, Jesse James and Kat Von D had “a fairy tale love story.” Uh, I guess. If Prince Charming crushed beer cans on his head.

The couple was apparently so close to walking down the aisle, Kat even “designed a wedding dress.”

“We were really able to document what to all of us involved in the story is a fairy tale love story," Lopez said.

And L.A. Ink is the perfect setting for a fairy tale! Forget a castle or a quaint little cottage. This fairy tale takes place in a tattoo shop right next door to a grocery store where a bunch of angry homeless people call you a “stuck up bitch” if you don’t have any change. Very romantic!

"We really got full access from the moment they got engaged [in January 2011] and how Jesse asked her father and how he proposed, to all the way through her looking for wedding dresses, talks to designers about wedding dresses. She was in love, madly in love."

Lopez also says when Kat Von D got Jesse James’ face tattooed on her body, the producers had James come in for the reveal. He responded:

“I’m so shocked. I feel like I’m in court.”

Which is better than anything I can make up, so I’ll just leave it at that.

So now that the dust has settled, how is Kat doing?

“She’s bumming,” Lopez revealed. “They were both in love. There was the unfortunately distance that tears things apart but she really tried.”