No Awkwardness Between Karina and Maksim

September 19, 2009 By:
No Awkwardness Between Karina and Maksim

When regular people break up, they cry, they vent, they turn to their friends and eventually move on with their lives. When celebrities break up, it makes headlines news and for the next month or so they literally can't go to a grocery store without seeing their heartbreak on the cover of every tabloid.

"Karina and Maksim breakup...Karina and Maksim: What Went Wrong...The Real Reason why Karina left Maksim...Dancing With the Stars Drama," the list goes on and on. We may never know why Karina Smirnoff and her fiancé Maksim Chmerkovskiy called off their wedding, but we do know one thing, there is no drama and bad feelings.

The former couple announced their split and just days later they headed back into the dance studio to begin rehearsing for their performance at the Emmy's this coming Sunday.

While everyone else is concerned about their love live, Karina tells Hollyscoop that she's just focusing on doing a great job on stage. "It's a dream come true," she tells Hollyscoop.

"It's nerve wrecking and at the same time it's really exciting. We're the only ballroom couple, Maksim and I," said, adding, "I love it. I'm ready."

So how is she dealing with the break up when she sees her ex nearly ever single day? "We've been friends for 14 years before we got into a relationship, so that speaks a lot. We're definitely going to remain friends no matter what."

She knows that having her personal life on display "comes with the territory" but as she told Hollyscoop, she just tries to "keep it personal" as much as she can.

Speaking about the new season of Dancing with the Stars, Karina confessed that it's "going to be one of our biggest seasons yet."

"It's not just a dance competition. It's a popularity and personality competition...the audience falls in love with how you learn to dance," she added.

About her own dance partner, she added, "Aaron Carter my partner is going to be amazing. This season we're going to do a Michael Jackson tribute and we just lost Patrick Swayze and did a tribute for him as well."

Don't forget to tune into the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards this Sunday to see Karina and Maksim get hot and heavy on the dance floor. And if you still have Karina fever after the show, the new season of Dancing With the Stars will debut on September 21st.