Karina Smirnoff Scared of The Situation's Dancing Debut

September 13, 2010 By:
Karina Smirnoff Scared of The Situation's Dancing Debut

Mike "The Situation" has a real talent for distracting viewers--all he has to do is lift his shirt. But can his abs save him from being eliminated in the first round of Dancing with the Stars?

His DWTS partner Karina Smirnoff tells Hollyscoop she's terrified of being the first to go, because she only has four days to train The Situation.

"I'm scared, I've never had a celebrity go in front of 30 million viewers on national television with just four days of rehearsals," Karina told Hollyscoop at the MTV VMA awards on Sunday.

"I don't know [how I'm going to do it], but I think I'm going to whip him into shape in four days because that's all I have," she added.

But the self proclaimed "underdog" doesn't seem to be the least bit worried. "I don’t mind being the underdog," Mike told Hollyscoop at the VMAs. "I mean as long as I start practicing getting my steps down...I love people...I love the camera. I love all this. I should be alright," he confidently told Hollyscoop.

His confidence isn't enough to stop Karina from worrying, but luckily she has a plan! "We're going to implement fist pumping all the way through," she joked.

If Mike is anything like the guy we see on Jersey Shore, the ladies of the show will most likely become a big distraction. We hear Bristol Palin has a huge crush on him and can't wait to meet him in person.

"That’s news to me," Mike said with a smile, "you're telling me just now, but hey that’s cool"

So any chance of a Mike/Bristol hookup? "To be honest with you I've never really seen her in person," he told Hollyscoop, "I think I've seen something on TV but I'm sure I'll see her tomorrow or something."

Our advice to Mike: stay away from Bristol and keep your eye on the prize. Mama Palin is probably already not too thrilled about Bristol sharing a stage with The Sitch, and we know that girl is super fertile! That’s not the kind of situation we need on our hands.

Do you think Mike can get his moves down in just four days? Or will him and Karina be the first to go?