Karina Smirnoff on 'Dancing With the Stars' Season 13: I want John Stamos!

July 12, 2011 By:
Karina Smirnoff on 'Dancing With the Stars' Season 13: I want John Stamos!

Last week rumors surfaced that the next season of Dancing With the Stars would include celebrity momager Dina Lohan. Hollyscoop talked with Dancing queen Karina Smirnoff at The Sports Club/LA – Beverly Hills, who backed the rumors up by telling us:

“You know, I’ve heard about Dina Lohan wanting to be on the show for a few seasons now and you know, the Lohan family is very outspoken and they’re always present in the press, so I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one of the Lohans ends up on DWTS.”

Smirnoff added that she thinks “either one of the Lohans would be a great addition.”

“I’m more interested in the male celebrities only because that would be my partner.”

Well, why not call Michael up? I say make the next season Dancing With the Lohans. Although with all the drama, there might not be a lot of dancing happening.

Mike Tyson is another name that’s come up for the next season, and Smirnoff tells HS why the he would be good for the show.

“I think Tyson would be a great addition. I saw the documentary on him a few months ago and he was talking about his days in…the spotlight, and then going through the bankruptcy and then losing his daughter. And it's like this guy has such a colorful history, so I think he would be a great addition to the show.”

Just make sure to wear earmuffs, Karina! Regis Philben has also been rumored to strut his dancing stuff. “He’s just America’s sweetheart,” Karina tells us. But aside from Regis, there’s another celebrity Smirnoff would love the chance to dance with:

“Definitely John Stamos. I think he’s got the looks, He’s got the experience of being onstage, doing Broadway.”

Of course, his experience. His hot, charming Broadway experience. Smirnoff also tells us she had such a great time working with Ralph Macchio, the two remain friends.

“I think Ralph was God's gift to me at the show. We were practicing 8-10 hours every day and we got to the semi-finals and we haven't had one argument. We're still really good friends, talk every day.”