Karina Smirnoff Discusses 'Fantasy' Wedding Plans

July 11, 2011 By:
Karina Smirnoff Discusses 'Fantasy' Wedding Plans

As she gets ready for her upcoming wedding, Karina Smirnoff has been working to get in shape. It shouldn’t be hard to do, considering her career consists of constant cardio.

“I’m probably in as good of shape as I am on the show,” Karina told Hollyscoop at The Sports Club/LA – Beverly Hills. “But the moment I’ll be trying on the big white dresses, I think I’m going to start picking and choosing what I eat too.”

Smirnoff and her fiancé, Detroit Tigers pitcher Brad Penny, plan on marrying in the Caribbean on January 21st. And one can only imagine the level of celebratory dancing that will go down at the reception. Smirnoff brags on Penny’s dancing skills:

“He's actually really, really good,” she tells us. “I call him twinkle toes, but he doesn't dance in public. If there's even one person in the audience, he doesn't dance. But when we're home alone, he twirls me, he lifts me, he's really good.”

The couple may not be showing off on their wedding day, though: “I think because he's really conservative and shy, we're going to end up doing the…traditional rocking back and forth,” Smirnoff tells Hollyscoop.

Well, everyone deserves a day off.

Lately, every upcoming wedding is being compared to the hoopla that surrounded Prince William and Kate’s. But when it comes to drawing inspiration from the biggest wedding of the decade, Smirnoff tells us it's fun, but impossible.

“I can't say it has been inspired because I would never be able to get the carriage and Buckingham Palace and the Royal Family joining the wedding. But I think in terms of the flowers and the whole ceremony and the dress…I think it's more of a fantasy wedding to watch rather than try to copy.”