DWTS to Decide Between Karina and Maksim

December 2, 2009 By:
DWTS to Decide Between Karina and Maksim

Karina Smirnoff and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are no longer a single entity. Ever since they broke off their engagement earlier this year, tension starting rising on the set of Dancing with the Stars. There were even rumors this season of Karina getting a little too close for comfort with her partner Aaron Carter.

A source tells Popeater.com, "It's really gotten ugly between the two of them since the split.” Maks added, "I've got to thank her for being a great instructor in the lesson of what not to look for in a woman."

Because of all the bad blood, DWTS producers have been forced to pick between Maksim and Karina for the next season of the show. As you may recall, Maks and Karina also share the stage on the Broadway show Burn the Floor, and recently, Karina has been noticeably absent.

The source says, "Maksim wouldn't have returned to the show if the producers had insisted on him dancing with Karina…the same will be true for the new season of 'DWTS.' All the feathers and sequins in the world wouldn't be able to cover the bad feeling between those two."

It’s sad that their break-up is affected their careers! We love them both separately, and hope they can one day work alongside each other again! To vote on who DWTS should keep, go to Popeater.com.