Kara DioGuardi Threatens to Quit Idol

April 22, 2009 By:
Kara DioGuardi Threatens to Quit Idol

We’ve heard rumors that the tension was palpable behind the scenes at American Idol, but it sounds like things got even worse after last night’s show.

After Kris Allen performed “She Works Hard for the Money,” Randy dove into his critique, only to get interrupted by Kara DioGuardi. You may not have noticed the annoyed look on Randy’s face due to the interruption, followed by Simon Cowell flipping her his middle finger, while pretending to scratch his forehead!

Yes, it all sounds very childish, but apparently this is the kind of nonsense that has been occurring all season. Ok! magazine reports that Kara saw Simon and Randy’s disdain, and got really upset.

An American Idol source tells the magazine, "She was so upset, she couldn't hold it back. Kara was telling everybody, 'I don't care anymore. I'm going to quit!' She didn't sign up to be anybody's punching bag. That's what she feels she's become."

The source continued, "She has achieved too much in the music world — a business dominated by men — to allow herself to stay in a job where she's not appreciated. It's demeaning and a waste of her time."

Did you notice Randy and Simon’s actions last night? There may be tension on the set, but we were too focused on the great performances last night to notice! Don’t forget to tune in tonight to see which two contestants will be going home!