Kara DioGuardi Reveals Childhood Sexual Trauma

April 19, 2011 By:
Kara DioGuardi Reveals Childhood Sexual Trauma


In her upcoming memoir, A Helluva High Note, the former American
judge bravely reveals she was molested at the age of eleven.

"I remember freezing and not knowing what to do,” Kara DioGuardi writes. In the
memoir, she also reveals that she was date-raped in 2000.

DioGuardi’s traumatic experiences also seem to be where she draws her

We spoke with Kara at Elle’s 2nd Annual Women in Music show,
and she told HOLLYSCOOP: “Most of my hits were born out of pain, real life, love I lost, anguish or
things I don’t want to think back on.”

As far as the date rape incident, Kara says the aggressor was a “fairly
known producer” who forced himself on her. She kept her mouth shut about the
raping out of fear that it would ruin her career. She also writes about a
“hugely successful artist” who sexually harassed her.

It seems like Kara’s career has been a bittersweet one, but she uses her
experiences to empower herself and other women.

Kara told Hollyscoop: “You look at Katy Perry, you look at Gaga you look at Ke$ha, it’s all women
its all empowerment women writing their own songs going out there branding
themselves…and I think it really is important that we celebrate them.”

DioGuardi's memoir will be released April 29th.