Kara DioGuardi Blindsided By Idol Firing

August 13, 2010 By:
Kara DioGuardi Blindsided By Idol Firing

Kara DioGuardi is undoubtedly upset about being fired from American Idol after just a couple of seasons. But now we’re hearing she found out in the worst way possible—through the press!

Kara’s father Joe DioGuardi, who is a Republican senate candidate, tells NY-based TV show Capitol Tonight that she had no idea what was coming.

"She read it the way you did and I did,” Joe explained. “Her disappointment is that that's the way she's being treated and she feels that's not proper. I think they're trying to create a lot of buzz ... they're trying to reformat the thing.”

He thinks his daughter will be fine though, because she had already had an established career in the industry prior to getting on Idol. “Kara has a very deep career in music ... she'll be fine,” he said. “Would she want to do it another year? I think so ... I think at some point [she] will confront them on that."

That’s an awful way to find out you’ve lost your job! It seems weird that they’re only keeping Randy Jackson on board. The two frontrunners at this point to join him are Steven Tyler and Shania Twain.

We’re not really thrilled with either of them. What do you think?