February 9, 2006 By:

We love us some good old fashioned, Dramatic, Hollywood parties. Especially the ones that almost cause a riot and ALWAYS a scene. According to our sources, (we obviously were not invited, so we can not say we saw this with our own eyes, HINT,HINT!)but there was a lot of chaos after a mass of people in line broke down the gate and rushed in, people were saying there could be a riot, the security was trying to control the crowd, people were saying the party was OVER! Our source overheard Joss Stone saying that she was scared to walk the line because of the madness, but unlike all those gold diggers rushing the line, joss made it safe inside the compounds. The party sponsored by hennessey brough in Common, Pamela Anderson and our very favorite Jeremy Pivert, who starts shooting his first day at Entourage today for the new season,boy we cant wait, were so excited we just want to 'Hug it out BITCHES!!!! As for KANYE WEST, all we can say is we have a new tune for him to sing 'NO MORE DRAMAS'