Where in the World is Kanye West?

March 18, 2013 By:
Where in the World is Kanye West?
Image By: Splash News

Every day it seems there’s a new Kim Kardashian pregnancy story in the press. However, it’s rare that we ever see her baby daddy, Kanye West, with her.

So where in the world is Kanye? Since the couple is so rarely seen together, we’ve rounded up some of Kim and Kanye's recent spottings—both together and single.

March 17: Kanye surprises Kim at the premiere of Tyler Perry’s Temptation

March 4: Kim and Kanye sit side-by-side at Givenchy’s Paris Fashion Week runway.

March 1: Kanye performs in London. Kim is M.I.A.

February 25: Kanye is still on his European rap trek—this time in Paris.

February 12: The happy couple arrive together at LAX, the most romantic place in the world.

February 8: Babymoon! From Paris to Rio de Janeiro, KimYe are spotted all over this week and doing what has become a mandatory staple of celebration for newly-pregnant celebrities: spending thousands of dollars traveling the globe.

January 31: Kanye does a show in du Arena in Abu Dhabi. He’s alone.

January 27: Kim hangs out with some orphans in Africa’s Ivory Coast. Kanye was reportedly supposed to come but flaked.

January 1: Kim and Kanye are seen scoping out the real estate market in Los Angeles, knee-deep in the nesting phase.

December 30: Kanye plays a show in Atlanta. He announces Kim’s pregnancy. She isn’t even there.