VIDEO: Watch Kanye West Propose to Kim K

October 23, 2013 By:
VIDEO: Watch Kanye West Propose to Kim K
Image By: Instagram

We are officially on team Kimye now. We were always kind of “eh” about the whole Kim Kardashian and Kanye West union. Like, oh really? Two celebs who love each other more than they love themselves are getting married? Cool, whatever.

That is, until someone at the actual proposal party just posted this video and it’s so damn epic, we’re mad we weren’t invited.

Yes, see Kanye West down on his actual knee popping the question to Kim K. After she says “yes” the crowd of friends storm the field with champagne and congratulations.

There is all sorts of fun behind-the-scenes Kardashian nonsense. It's even better than the stuff they put on Instagram.

It’s interesting to see who got invited to the proposal party. Jaden Smith was there for some reason. Rob Kardashian is wearing a black hoodie and seems to hate everything. Kanye is playing all his OWN music and dancing along with it!

Watch the romantic and epic moment below.