Video: Kanye West Gives Jay-Z a Tour of His Hometown of Chicago

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Video: Kanye West Gives Jay-Z a Tour of His Hometown of Chicago

Kanye West and Jay-Z are best friends, collaborators, mentor and mentee, so it only makes sense that Kanye gave Jay a tour of his hometown when the duo stopped in to Chicago for a tour-stop on their "Watch The Throne" tour.

Kanye was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, in this new episode of VOYR, the exclusive web series for behind the scenes footage from the Watch The Throne tour, the duo take a tour of Kanye's childhood home.

In the video, Kanye's voice is heard while "Otis" plays and he says "Always knew it was gonna happen like this," says Kanye, "Where I'm at right now is where I'm at when I was like four year old. You know like first hitting a piano or something like that."

The footage shows Kanye and Jay-Z riding around in a car while Kanye points out local favorites to Jay and fans on the street yell through the window, "Is that Yeezy?", to which Jay and Kanye just laugh.

Kanye points out his kindergarten, where gifted students were sent to school. He said he got into the school because he liked to draw and he only wanted to draw photos of football players. "They said, 'Can you just draw a person?' I said, 'I'll draw a person with a football uniform on.' And, I'm here today. That, like, just explains everything!" remembers Kanye.

During their Chicago tour stop, Kanye shouts at the audience, "I was raised in Chi-town" to which Jay-Z chimes in and reps his own hometown, "Brooklyn till I die."

Later in the clip, Kanye has a conversation with director Spike Lee backstage at a show and Lee compliments West on his imagery and video compilation during the song "No Church In The Wild."

Last night, Watch The Throne came to LA and Kanye made a surprising admission to the LA audience. During a performance of "We Made It In America" Kanye admitted to the fans that three years ago, after his mother passed away, he was on the brink of suicide.

But Kanye seems to have moved past those thoughts, he shouted at the audience this uplifting message, "People tell you to always be humble, humble, humble, [but] when's the last time anyone told you to be amazing, great, or awesome?" asked Kanye.

But Kanye was emotional during other parts of the show, during a performance of "Heartless" it was clear that he had tears running down his face.

I think Kanye owes a lot of his current success and musicianship to his best friend and mentor Jay-Z. Together they made an amazing album, but Kanye said there was a time when he watched Jay-Z videos on TV, never thinking he would end up sharing the same stage.

Kanye told audiences last night that he "grew up watching [Jay-Z's] 'Big Pimpin'" and is amazed to be performing together today.

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