See Kanye West's Surprising Run-In with Paparazzi

August 20, 2013 By:
See Kanye West's Surprising Run-In with Paparazzi

Kanye West isn’t known to be the most friendly with paparazzi. In fact, he rather despises them as much as he despises metal poles. Which makes this recent run-in with a roaming photog all the more shocking.

As Kanye exits a building in LA to get to his waiting ride, a paparazzo asks him a question, which is generally all it takes to get Kanye up in arms. Except he doesn’t. Instead he does the unthinkable.

Before closing his door, he acknowledges the question with a stare, one that looks into the deepest corners of the photographer’s soul, and that’s when Kanye West does the most surprising thing a Kanye West could do in this situation…

He took a deep breath.

He was peaceful.


There really might be a light at the end of the tunnel, you guys.