Kanye West Tours And Thieves Break-In To His Throne

June 13, 2012 By:
Kanye West Tours And Thieves Break-In To His Throne

While Kanye West is out touring the world with Jay-Z in between heavily photographed meet-ups with new girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, it seems no one was watching his throne here in Los Angeles.

TMZ broke the story that a burglary was reported at West’s house this morning by someone in his “camp” (i.e. on his payroll).

What, if anything, might be missing has yet to be determined, or at least reported. But the alleged burglars did most definitely drop some of the rapper's belongings upon exiting the home.

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Hollyscoop spoke with the LAPD who did confirm a break in at West’s address (though they refused to acknowledge who the property actually belonged to), and they reported that they are currently launching an investigation into the matter.

This isn’t the first time this month his house has grabbed some headlines. A couple of weeks ago it was discovered that both Kanye and Kim had put their local residences up for sale – reportedly with the hopes of then buying a place together after a fairly short courtship.

West’s house is currently listed for nearly $4 million.

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The Watch the Throne tour is currently in full swing in England, while Kim is holding down her own fort (at least), while she’s taking care of some sort of business here in L.A. The Daily Mail has pictures of her leaving a meeting, looking “concerned” while taking a call -- possibly regarding the invasion of her boyfriend's privacy?

Well judging from the popularity of the couple in the media, today’s unfortunate incident at crib Kanye, and Kim’s recent run-in with some TSA thieves -- let’s hope the couple sets aside some serious coin for a security system at their new abode.

Hell, it’s not like they’re hurting for money, maybe they should hire armed guards?