Kanye West Storms Off Stage Mid-Concert

December 3, 2013 By:
Kanye West Storms Off Stage Mid-Concert
Image By: wenn.com

Kanye West is a self-proclaimed “creative genius,” but for the sake of this post we’ll be more pragmatic with our word choices and go with “intense perfectionist.”

The rapper stormed off stage during a Yeezus concert in Florida, not because he was upset about being in godforsaken Florida mind you, but because of frustrating technical difficulties.

Mid-song, Kanye let his tech crew have it—singling out someone named “Laura”—spitting profanities every which way, cussing them out so hard, you could have easily confused it for one of his songs.

Apparently the sound and lighting scheme weren’t up to his Modern Art standards, so he demanded that everything be shut down while they either figured out how to get his audio levels right, or how they’re going to pay for their kid’s Christmas presents this year because everyone was thisclose to being fired.

A short delay later, all components were aligned to his wishes and he was back on the stage to perform.

Everyone kept their jobs. Including Laura.