Kanye West’s 20-Minute Borderline Insane Wedding Speech

May 27, 2014 By:
Kanye West’s 20-Minute Borderline Insane Wedding Speech
Image By: E!

If you’ve ever been to a Kanye West concert, you are familiar with his practice of ranting.

During every single one of his concerts, Kanye will stop everything to go off for about 30 minutes on everything from fashion, to celebrities, to Kim Kardashian’s ass size.  


If you thought he could possibly get through his own wedding without taking the mic to vent some frustrations, you would be wrong.


Kanye started off his wedding speech by calling the Kardashians “an industry” and also “the most remarkable people of our time,” who have the ability to “make the world a better place.”


Even Kim was like, “Wuuuuttt?”


Of course, he had to tackle his favorite subject: fame. He said, “I am not defined by being a celebrity…the world is our altar. We are not stupid!”




He also called Kim “the ideal celebrity” and the “ideal art.”



But, he did say that he couldn’t wait to spend “every day of my life with Kim!”


So, that’s cute.