Kanye West Movie in the Works

September 1, 2010 By:
Kanye West Movie in the Works

Kanye West is moving from music…to movies! It’s still classified as a “rumor,” but since Kanye has a way with running his mouth most of the time….well, it’s pretty much going to happen.

According to MTV, the rapper is working on a “movie companion” to his upcoming album. Guess the days of just releasing a record are gone—first Katy Perry scents her insert to smell like cotton candy, and now a feature film?!

Photos surfaced online today as well on website Your Audio FX, showing Kanye shooting alongside forest animals.

Kanye also updated his fans on his whereabouts via Twitter, writing last week, "Last day in Prague. We've shot some good stuff so far ... really good ... NO! I mean REALLY GOOD!

"On set of the movie. doe just refuses to sit still. ... I told the deer ... 'what would Bambi do?' & she looked at me like I was crazy,” he wrote in another tweet.

And also: "Just wrapped for the day. Been shooting 16 hour days. ... I'm so excited. ... It's like a child's delusions become reality!"

West’s rep hasn’t commented on the film. But with Kanye as a client, he sort of speaks for himself. We’re actually interested to see what he has in store for us!