Kanye West Is Morphing Into Victoria Beckham

January 16, 2014 By:
Kanye West Is Morphing Into Victoria Beckham
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And it’s happening before our very eyes.


He never smiles.




Immune to all smiles.


Just like Victoria.


An invisible force field that deflects all forms of happiness.



Together, their expressions are like a subzero polar vortex of resting bitch face.

But the comparisons don’t stop there.


Kanye’s also a musician who’s slowly making his way into fashion.


And in the process his style has become much more minimal…




And leather legging-y.


Can you imagine if these two ran into each other at an after-party?

“Bitch, stole my look!”


No one’s style is complete without the right accessories and Kanye’s also got himself a bold, statement partner.

Omg, will Kim and Kanye become the new Victoria and David? *GASP* We hope Vogue investigates.


After all, he DOES have friends in high places.


He must have learned from the best!