Kanye West: Kim and I Are in the Exploitation Business

October 28, 2013 By:
Kanye West: Kim and I Are in the Exploitation Business
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A long time ago, Kim Kardashian said that Kanye West wanted her to stay private. He told her to keep her private life private and to stop blasting everything on the E! Network…apparently Kanye West has changed his tune.

“Me and Kim are in the exploitation business. Me and Kim get paid to exploit ourselves,” he said point-blank in an interview to radio station Power 106 this morning.

Uhhh, ok?

Kanye then went on to say that he will definitely put his wedding on TV if someone paid him enough.

“I’ll take whoever’s money to broadcast [the wedding],” he joked and added, “If I go perform at someone else’s wedding and they want to give me 10 million, Imma take it.”

But what about Kanye’s refusal to sell photos of baby North West? We thought he was anti-exposure? Kanye says he’s down to sell HIMSELF out, he just won’t do it to his daughter.

“I’m gonna give my daughter the option to choose if she wants to be exploited. That’s why we didn’t sell the baby pics,” says Kanye.

That makes sense, sure.

But what about the paparazzi? Why does he get in fights and yell at them when he’s okay being exploited?

“I want to legalize paparazzi, I think the government should get paid and also the people they’re taking the photos of.”

That doesn’t entirely make sense since taking photos of celebs isn’t illegal and we’re sure photo agencies that sell the paparazzi pics pay taxes, but sure Kanye, you want a cut of the photos of you punching out the photogs, go for it.