Kanye West: I'm a Bad Celebrity

November 10, 2010 By:
Kanye West: I'm a Bad Celebrity

Kanye West is finally coming to terms about just how much people dislike him following the whole Taylor Swift incident, and admits he’s a bad celebrity.

The twitterholic went on another rampage online about having to use the media to sell records. Duh! Either that you can date some more famous.

Kanye West: I Made Taylor Swift More Famous

“I’ve decided to fall back a bit on interviews in order to ’sell my album’,” he wrote on Twitter. “I can’t come up with some magic trick to make people like me."

He added, “I’ve made mistakes, I’ve paid the price, now it is what it is. I’m gonna make this art but I’m not going to be scrutinized as a human being. No more Bush questions … no more Taylor questions… no more relationship questions…. and the music is unquestionable."

Why is the music unquestionable? Isn't that what you're supposed to be talking about when you're trying to sell an album?