Kanye West Gets a Book Deal

February 2, 2009 By:
Kanye West Gets a Book Deal

Finally all of that blog writing Kanye West does is going to good use! He’s currently compiling photographs from his Glow In The Dark Tour, and writing a book about the entire experience for his fans.

The book will also include conceptual plans for the last year’s tour’s set, designs, and costumes, as well as a greatest hits CD. Of course, it’s Kanye we’re talking about here, so he’ll be adding his own commentary to the mix too.

Charles Miers, of publishing house Rizzoli says, "Kanye West has turned his talents as pop artist to books. With a CD that includes ‘Star Wars’-like symphonies from the show as well as an interview with Spike Jonze, it is not only a memento of one of the most successful musical performances of the year, it is an experience all its own."

The book is scheduled for release in October. Just in time for Christmas for your Kanye-obsessed friend or relative!