Kanye West to End Feud on TV With Jimmy Kimmel Tonight

October 9, 2013 By:
Kanye West to End Feud on TV With Jimmy Kimmel Tonight
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Remember a few weeks ago when Kanye West had that bizarre BBC interview rant which included him getting emotional over leather jogging pants and making confusing references to Wreck-It Ralph? Then Jimmy Kimmel made fun of it on his talk show, because duh?

Of course Kanye was p*ssed about Kimmel’s parody video, in which a little kid plays Kanye and recites the exact interview transcript because it’s all nonsense anyway.

Kanye then proceeded to post meme’s online about Kimmel’s “stupid face” and how Kimmel must not have gotten any “good p*ssy” in his life. Kanye even called Kimmel and asked him to apologize. Kimmel did not. 

Things got heated and it’s about to go south real fast because Kanye is going on Kimmel to hash things out.

Kanye might be the most angry celebrity in Hollywood. So the idea of him going on national TV to apologize or get more angry at Kimmel (we don’t know) is giving us tingles.

Anyways, the momentous occasion is happening tonight on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" according to a statement from ABC.