Kanye West Disses Kris Jenner

May 17, 2013 By:
Kanye West Disses Kris Jenner

Kanye West has finally lost it. Last night Kanye performed in NY to debut some of his new music, but it isn’t even music really, it’s more like screaming over an instrumental track about things that you should only reveal to your therapist. 

We already reported on Kanye’s meltdown today, but somehow we overlooked this incredible gem. Kanye. Disses. Kris. Jenner. OMG.

Kanye’s new song, “Awesome” (which he debuted at the Met Gala last week), is an ode to Kim Kardashian. It’s spoken word and he basically says, “Baby, you’re awesome” over and over and we completely ignored it because it annoys us and unfortunately we missed this line.

“Stop everything you’re doing now/Because Baby, you’re awesome/Don’t let nobody get you down/Because you’re awesome/You don’t need to listen to your manager,” he sang.

Just to put this into perspective, Kim’s manager is her mother, Kris Jenner. Kanye just told Kim to stop everything and stop listening to her mom!

So, "Kanye hates Kris" is everything you should be taking from this story!