Kanye West Begs You NOT to Watch New Music Video

July 9, 2013 By:
Kanye West Begs You NOT to Watch New Music Video

Kanye West just released his new music video for “Black Skinhead” and now he desperately wants you to NOT watch it.

How’s that for reverse psychology?!

So, apparently someone leaked an unfinished version of the music video and yeah, it does look unfinished. It’s basically a Kanye West SIM character bouncing around to the track.

Kanye panicked and went on a Twitter rant basically BEGGING you to stop watching the video.

Honestly, we’re mostly surprised that Kanye West used the word “please.”

The only thing about this that makes us think it IS the real video, is that Kanye’s Twitter response made us WANT to watch the video MORE, making this a very clever way to drive viewers to the video.

What publicity mastermind could have manipulated this whole leak/Twitter feud meltdown Kris Jenner?

To honor Kanye’s request to stop watching the unfinished video, here it is below. You’re welcome.