Kanye West As Potential ‘Idol’ Judge

August 21, 2012 By:
Kanye West As Potential ‘Idol’ Judge

No, I’m not messing with you. That headline is for real…

Kanye West is reportedly in negotiations with the higher ups of “American Idol” to become the next judge on the show. The eye-popping news comes after a slew of other rumored big name options being considered.

TMZ reports the Kanye news… According to the celebrity news site, while the show would love to have Ye on board, he’s not completely sold on the idea.
“He’s on the fence,” sources close to the show tell TMZ.

Apparently, for a guy with an actual career going signing songs like “N****s in Paris” and “New God Flow,” he’s not sure that signing on for a season of the family friend show judging pop and country singers is exactly a commitment he wants to make.

But, then again, the paycheck wouldn’t hurt…

According to TMZ, if he agrees to sign on to the show, Yeezy could stand to make at least what new judge Mariah is making for her appearance.
At a solid $18 million, the pop diva’s payday is the highest amount for a singing competition show judge to date.

But Kanye might have to act fast. Nicki Minaj, a heavily rumored potential choice for the judge’s spot, is either close to signing a deal with FOX, if she hasn’t already already done so.

However, there is even talk that there could be a fourth judge… Meaning Nicki and Kanye could be new judges together.
Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Mariah Carey… Yeah I’d watch this show.

Hollyscoop has been in contact with FOX who was unable to comment on how close this dream scenario is to coming true.
Other potential celebs rumored to be turning judge from Season 13 of “Idol” have ranged from Nick Jonas, to Enrique Iglesias, to Charlie Sheen…