Kanye Used Kim’s Sex Tape With Other Women in Past

September 10, 2012 By:
Kanye Used Kim’s Sex Tape With Other Women in Past

You know those stories that you just want to un-hear? This is one of them…

The most disturbing couple in popular culture just got a little weirder. It is being reported that Kanye West used to use his now girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s sex tape in bed with other women to get him in the mood.

TMZ reports the ear-bleeding news…

According to the website, Kanye used the tape in the bedroom with other girls in order to speed up the arousal process. And – gag me now – using the tape always had a 100 percent success rate. 

Kanye no longer uses the tape in the bedroom, so we can only assume that the Ray J factor in the opus was not a factor in Yeezy’s arousal. 

According to TMZ, the rapper has wanted to get with Kim for some time, even dating back to 2009 when he reportedly tried to have her break up with Reggie Bush so that they could be together. 

Kanye has been relishing the excitement of finally having “the real thing” lately. He has been channeling that excitement in the form of his music, featuring the topic of the Kardashian and even her sex tape specifically on his new material.

“My girl a superstar all from a home movie," Yeezy sings in an untitled new track.

He also raps about Kim in other songs, including “Perfect Bitch” and “Cold” (a.k.a. “Theraflu” from his upcoming album Cruel Summer.

It’s all just way more sex-Kanye-Kim combinations than you want to hear in the same sentence, let alone in song form.