Kanye Gets Complex

March 23, 2009 By:
Kanye Gets Complex

Kanye West is arguably one of the biggest celebrities in the world, but after his ego spiraled out of control back in 08, he admits he's had to learn to become a "level-headed person."

Speaking to Complex magazine, Kanye opened up about his learning experiences, being a "spoiled" celebrity, and how the recession is affecting his brand. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Kanye on he would you say was the most important thing he learned about himself in the last year: “That I can be a very level-headed person. I would never spaz on MTV the way I did before. I feel like there are people who have given a lot to me and I wasn’t appreciative of them. MTV had a major part in making me, so how the hell could I ever come out my mouth and dis them and just be like the cry baby–a$$ bitch over one performance? How the hell is a 29-year-old grown-a$$ man acting like a little b**ch and getting all emotional? How spoiled can I get?

On his father influencing his style: "Definitely my grandfather on my mother’s side. He was just sharp like that."

On his aesthetic role model in Chicago: "Well, I always was really into clothes and stuff like that. And they used to have a store called Merry-Go-Round in the mall and it was that store I wanted to go to and just stare at stuff. It was all that In Living Color–era stuff with the baggy Hammer slacks and the—Yeah, I actually wore some Hammer slacks."

On how a recession might affect the reception of the Martin Louis King video he made in Paris: “People tune into me for escapism. When you went to the Glow in the Dark Tour, you were literally transported to another planet. I know there’s anti-rich sentiment right now, with corporate people not using their jets and Obama saying heads of banks can’t make more than $500,000, but I really feel like that tape embodied me and what Louis Vuitton is about. I’d like to think I give optimism to people when I stunt. When I have a pink watch on or tight jeans on, people talk shit about me, but if I wore all gray and black, who would be the one to wear all the bright colors? How depressing would it be if I was always depressed, or should I say, the press. I’m here to entertain people and to be the one that does the crazy, bold stuff so they can live through me and get their mind off the recession and the war and whatever else is going on in the world.