Kanye Explains Pap Attack: My Grandpa Was Dying!

October 11, 2013 By:
Kanye Explains Pap Attack: My Grandpa Was Dying!
Image By: wenn.com

Kanye West showed his softer side when he chatted up a flock of paparazzi at a gas station in Calabasas. Good news: No one was left with a bruise!

The rapper spent most of the conversation setting the record straight on that combative altercation between himself and a cameraman at an LAX terminal in July, which eventually led to charges of criminal battery and attempted grand theft.

While filling up his Lamborghini, Kanye explained that the reason he had such a short fuse that day was because he had just learned earlier that his grandfather was dying—all this while a paparazzi was “lashing” out at him and trying to purposefully push his buttons.

He also shared that he fears watching his daughter North West grow up under this type of limelight with random strangers shouting inappropriate questions and comments at their family…and he managed to keep his cool through it all. Progress!

Watch the video in its entirety here