Kanye Cancels Today Show Performance

November 12, 2010 By:
Kanye Cancels Today Show Performance

Kanye West is still really pissed about being "disrespected" on The Today Show and has canceled an upcoming performance on the show.

Kanye had agreed to perform on The Today Show the day after Thanksgiving, but his reps say there's no way in hell he's going to keep that commitment.

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He of course took to his Twitter page to vent about how upset he is. He wrote, "I'm not performing on the Today Show for obvious reasons. I'm so happy the world got to see just a small piece of 'the set up.'"

Kanye went on a twitter rampage earlier this week and complained about the way Matt Lauer handled an interview with him. He got really annoyed when Matt played footage of him from the VMA's and the comments he made about Bush.

"I didn't need you guys to show me the tape in order to like prompt my emotions," a clearly annoyed Kanye told Matt.

"Much love to Matt and the whole Today Show," he tweeted after the show. "I accept ya'll future apology in advance LOL!"

Leave it to Kanye to be a drama queen about something so small. He showed footage of the dumb shit you did and you're getting all crazy on them for it? Maybe it's time to take another break from the spotlight Mr. West.