Kanye Breaks It Off With Model Girlfriend

July 6, 2010 By:
Kanye Breaks It Off With Model Girlfriend

Kanye West is back to being single. According to Us Magazine, he and Amber Rose have decided to split…for the time being anyway.

A source close to West tells the mag, "They are still good friends. He is consumed with recording his comeback record in Hawaii and had to shut it all off. When he's in work mode, he can't handle a relationship. He told Amber he needs to devote everything right now to his craft."

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But Amber doesn’t seem to be too in the dumps over the split—eyewitnesses say she was making out with Reggie Bush over the weekend at Axe Lounge in the Hamptons, while “Flashing Lights” was playing at the club! That’s a little creepy! And come on, Reggie—from Kim to Amber Rose?!

But an insider seems to think a reunion in the future isn’t totally out of the question. "I wouldn't say it's over for good,” says the source. “It's always off-and-on when it's convenient for these two. He doesn't go out anymore and she loves it, so he lets her. I wouldn't be surprised if they are seen together again next week."

We can imagine Kanye isn’t the easiest person to date per se! But she’s sort of a diva herself, so they’re kind of perfect together. Enjoy single life while it lasts, Kanye!