How Kanye West Is Avoiding Paparazzi Attacks Now

September 25, 2013 By:
How Kanye West Is Avoiding Paparazzi Attacks Now
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In case you haven’t noticed…Kanye West can't deal with paparazzi. He’s so bad at it, he can’t come face-to-face with one of them without wanting to hit something.

So Kanye has devised a new plan to keep the paparazzi safe…he just doesn’t go to LAX anymore.

Of course, paparazzi can strike at ANYTIME. When Kanye's getting fro-yo, when Kim Kardashian is trying to sneak her post-baby body to a doctor’s appointment, when Kris Jenner calls the paparazzi, etc.

So now Kanye only charters private jets to OTHER airports when he wants to leave LA.

Instead of taking a private jet straight from here to Paris, Kanye will pay $5,000 to have a private jet fly him to another airport somewhere in America and then take a commercial flight from THERE to Paris. 

All this hassle simply because Kanye can’t keep his fists to himself around paparazzi.