Everything We Know About Kim & Kanye’s Over-The-Top Wedding

November 3, 2013 By:
Everything We Know About Kim & Kanye’s Over-The-Top Wedding
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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s engagement was the big story of October and as their wedding quickly approaches, a few details are beginning to surface.

Some news is from sources, some is from Kim and Kanye themselves; here’s what we know thus far…

It will happen at any time. Like an earthquake, hurricane, tsunami, and all other forces of nature, this wedding could happen at any time. According to reports, Kanye wants the have the wedding ASAP, as early as summer 2014, while Kim might prefer to wait.

It will be MASSIVE. A source close to E! News informed them the wedding is “going to be huge,” surely something to rival Kim’s 15-carat ring.

It will be very, very Kanye. Kim herself said that for the wedding, “whatever he wants” is what she wants, which will probably mean a guest list of the fashion industry’s elite and gold-plated everything.

There will be no best man. Kanye’s original choices were Robert Kardashian Sr. and Steve Jobs, but since both are deceased, he’ll nominate himself as his own best man, according to Naughty But Nice Rob. After all, this is the guy who considers himself “the number one rock star on the planet.”

It could be televised for a huge dollar amount. Kanye’s not saying it will be on TV, but if someone offered him the right amount of money… “I would take as much as possible if someone’s going to pay me to broadcast [the wedding],” he told Power 106 radio. “Me and Kim are in the exploitation business. We get paid to exploit ourselves.”

There’ll be goddamn fighter jets. Kanye revealed the detail in straightforward Kanye fashion. “Two words: fighter jets.”