Everyone Kanye West Has Feuded with This Year

November 21, 2013 By:
Everyone Kanye West Has Feuded with This Year
Image By: Getty Images / Larry Busacca

The runaway train that is Kanye West is barreling through the country on his Yeezus World Tour, leaving mangled carcasses of collateral damage in its wake.

The on-edge celeb, who isn’t afraid of a confrontation (just ask him…and then call security), has been getting in feuds left and right this past year and we’ve itemized a few of the major ones. It’s WWY—World War ‘Ye—up in here!

Bruno Mars – During one of his on-stage rants at a recent Barclay’s concert, Kanye shaded Bruno’s popularity and the standard of his music: "Bruno Mars won all the motherf**king awards and s**t. And I was thinking about what Rick Rubin told me, because I don’t give a f**k about no TV show. But what I care about is if you’re an artist and you work hard as f**k and the streets say that you deserve that s**t. Then can’t no motherf**king networks try to gas everybody up so they can sell some product with the prettiest motherf**ker out."

The Grammys – During another one of these stream-of-consciousness rants, Kanye slammed the Grammys in general for not awarding him accordingly for his work, calling out the show’s producers.

Zappos – In a podcast interview, Kanye recounted an argument he had with the CEO of Zappos in which he called their business a “s**t product.” Zappos then responded with a witty comeback of their own: a toilet and plunger they’re selling for $100,000.

Jimmy Kimmel – Zappos may want to get ready for a counterblast from Kanye because the rapper doesn’t take jokes well. Just ask Jimmy who mocked one of the rapper’s interviews and caused Kanye to fly into an infuriated tirade.

Paparazzi – This is nothing new; the rapper's relationship with the media is an ongoing debacle. It peaked at the end of the summer when Kanye wrestled a paparazzo at LAX to the ground, destroying his equipment in the process and now the rapper’s getting sued for damages.

Walk of Fame – Kanye sounded off on the committee that oversees the Hollywood Walk of Fame for not giving Kim Kardashian a star.

Hedi Slimane – Kanye has a beef with a majority of the fashion world, but the Saint Laurent designer is singled out for being the inspiration behind the rapper’s boastful track “I Am A God.” Hedi requested that if Kanye wanted to watch his runway show, he wouldn’t be allowed to attend anyone else’s and Kanye didn’t take too well to someone trying to put him on a leash.