Criminal Charges Dropped Against Kanye

October 23, 2009 By:
Criminal Charges Dropped Against Kanye

Kanye West is in the clear when it comes to his legal trouble. His personal problems…now that’s a whole other issue. A court commissioner dismissed criminal charges against him regarding the run-in he had with photographers last year.

As you may recall, Kanye and his manager were arrested on Sept. 11, 2008 after an altercation with two photographers at LAX which resulted in a still camera, flash, and a video camera being broken. But they’ve now reached a civil settlement over the case. So basically that means the photographers were paid off handsomely!

Kanye’s Blair Berk argued that the case should be dismissed because of the agreement and that California law allows for certain criminal cases to be settled out of court.

Kanye also admitted to seeking anger management counseling following the scuffle. He completed 12 one-hour sessions.

The judge ordered Kanye and his manager to complete 50 hours of community in return for the misdemeanors being dismissed. That’s at least one thing that’s going for him right now!