Celebrity Near Death Experiences

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Celebrity Near Death Experiences

A near death experience or NDE, as it's referred to by psychics and people who like acronyms, is a very scary experience. Some celebs have unfortunately experienced such a thing but thankfully have lived to tell their story.

These are the stars involved in near-death experiences:

Kanye West: After a long night recording tracks for his debut album "College Dropout," Kanye fell asleep while driving and crashed into an SUV going 50 mph. He was left semi unconscious after he was sent jaw-first into the steering wheel. He ended up breaking his face in three places and had to have his jaw wired shut. The crash itself could have killed him but he survived. Three weeks after the accident he recorded the song "Through The Wire" with his jaw still clenched shut.

Orlando Bloom: Fresh off his film debut in 1998 Orlando fell three stories from a friends rooftop terrace. He was trying to fix something on their roof and climbed the drain when it collapsed and he fell three stories paralyzing him for four days. Doctors said he would be paralyzed for life but he walked out of the hospital weeks later with crutches and a back brace.

Drew Barrymore: In 2001, when Drew Barrymore was engaged to actor Tom Green they were awoken one night by their dog's barking. Apparently their house was on fire and by the time they got out of bed, the smoke alarms were blarring. They escaped from a back entrance of the house just as the home became engulphed in flames. It took 55 firefighters about an hour to put the fire out. The fire was started by an electrical malfunction.

Kathy Griffin: The fiery comedienne was involved in an almost plane crash in 2006. She chartered a private jet from Burbank to Northern California to go do a stand-up show and after the plane had already took off she started smelled smoke and the flight was very turbulent, she chocked it up to the fact that it was a small plane. But as the plane started dropping very quickly and the pilots struggled to remain control of the plane it was revealed that there was a fire in the cockpit. Thankfully they finally landed back in LA and Kathy got off the plane safely.

Sean Kingston: Back in May Sean Kingston was involved in a life threatening jet skiing accident that left him in critical condition. He was jet skiing in Miami beach when he lost control of the vehicle and ran head first into a cement barrier in the bridge. After spending weeks in the hospital after being in the trauma unit, Sean Kingston was finally released looking very healthy and slimmer.

Stephen Moyer: Moyer of "True Blood” fame and my favorite vampire (sorry RPatz), was racing in the 35th Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race when he lost control of the vehicle he was driving, ran it into the tire barrier and flipped the car. Somehow he was not injured at all and he managed to score the highest for his individual lap and won $15,000 for his charity “Racing for Kids.” Talk about near death but total win.

Sharon Stone: In 2001 Sharon Stone felt a sharp pain in her head, she thought she was having a stroke and said the pain felt like she "had been shot in the head." After she arrived at the ER is was revealed that she had bleeding in the brain due to a brain hemorrhage. When someone has that kind of bleeding of the brain they sometimes don't even make it to the hospital alive. Sharon is so lucky to make it to the hospital in time to save her life.