5 Hip-Hop Artists and Their Sex Tape Scandals

September 29, 2012 By:
5 Hip-Hop Artists and Their Sex Tape Scandals

In show business – unlike any other job – naked pictures of yourself can sometimes help your career perspectives.

Following headlines that two sex tapes have leaked of “Otis” rapper Kanye West, Hollyscoop thought that it would be a great idea to take a trip down memory lane to rediscover which other hip-hop artists have been touched by this wonderful world of sex tape scandal.

With the names on this list as proof, it seems that no one in Hollywood is immune to the plague of having your dirty deeds exposed to the world.
Here are five hip-hop artists that have found their names in sex tape headlines…

Nicki Minaj: You’d need a serious wide angle lens to capture all of Nicki Minaj’s bootylicious behind in the camera frame.

While we never saw a single frame, earlier this year it was rumored that the “Starships” rapper had starred in a sex video of her very own.
To make the gossip even juicer, her co-star was reportedly none other than fellow lyric spitter Big Sean. The rumors coincided with the filming of Big Sean’s body rubbing “Dance (A$$)” remix.

Tupac: Years after his tragic passing, Tupac’s legacy and birthday suit lives on…

The sex tape leaked in 2011, and was reportedly shot in 1991, featuring a five-minute oral sex session with a mystery woman. The scene played out in a living room and – oddly – the rapper’s friends watch on casually as if this is a normal thing.

Lil Wayne: Last year, rumor had it that Lil Wayne was captured with his own Lil Wayne out on camera.

And, while it couldn’t possibly be as entertaining as his recent deposition tape, sources that saw the alleged tape say it featured a companion that looked a whole like the aforementioned Nicki Minaj… Scandalous!

This rumor was never confirmed, though, so it will have to live in our imaginations for now.

R. Kelly: Who could ever forget the sex tape scandal that gripped the "I Believe I Can Fly" singer’s life in 2002?

R. Kelly was allegedly filmed having sex with and urinating on an underage girl. Six years later, the tape landed the R&B artist in a Chicago courtroom where a jury found him not guilty.

Rick Ross While everyone else on this list was directly involved in their caught on camera sex acts, it was Rick Ross’ baby mama, Lastonia Leviston, that stripped down for this undressed opus.

In 2009, the tape caught headlines when 50 Cent released it as a means to add to his beef with the big man at the time. Leviston responded by filing a lawsuit against the “In Da Club” rapper.