21 Celebrity Dads Who Absolutely Nailed It

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21 Celebrity Dads Who Absolutely Nailed It
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Here's a tribute to all the stars who have proven that they really have their dad game on lock.

1. Kanye West for letting his daughter drool all over his shoulder.


2. Joel Madden for teaching his kids their alphabet.


3. Kevin Jonas for the sweetest forehead kisses.


4. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka for always falling into Sears family portrait positions.


5. Jamie Foxx for showing his daughter the ropes of his job.


6. Peter Facinelli for his fake mustache sense of humor.


7. Bruce Willis for serene walks on the boardwalk.


8. Edward Burns for lending his body as a diving board.


9. Eric Johnson for giving his kids a better view.


10. Michael Bublé for teaching his son how to pose for the perfect selfie.


11. Usher for never missing a “Bring Your Parent To School Day.”


12. Channing Tatum for being the world’s best security blanket/poncho.


13. James Van Der Beek for being the world’s best pillow.


14. Bill Rancic for teaching his son how to rock a backwards cap.


15. LeBron James for goofy faces with his boys.


16. Mario Lopez for making sure his kids are always stocked with balloon animals and bibs with their names on them.


17. Reggie Bush for adorable cheek kisses.


18. Diddy for encouraging his daughters' affinity for mismatched neon outfits.


19. Tom Brady for going on sophisticated walks with his son.


20. Cash Warren for holding his kids close to keep them warm on an autumn day.


21. Jay Z for giving the most epic piggyback rides.