10 Celebs Smack Downs that Made Us Go Whoa

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10 Celebs Smack Downs that Made Us Go Whoa
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1. Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel

The late-night host enraged Kanye by airing a sketch depicting the rapper as a child. Kanye responded by unleashing a Twitter rant, insulting Jimmy and sparking an entertaining feud that was squashed on the late-night set about a week later.

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2. Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton

Once close friends, Lady Gaga and Perez had a very public falling out. Gaga accused the celeb gossip blogger of being a stalker, while Perez went after Gaga for being a drug addict.

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3. Miley Cyrus and Sinéad O’Connor

After Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” video premiered, which took inspiration from Sinéad's “Nothing Compares 2 U,” Sinéad wrote an open letter thanking Miley for paying homage, but also warning her about being exploited by the music industry. Miley didn’t take the advice well, and poked fun at Sinéad's mental health issues and past meltdowns. This sparked an avalanche of letters from Sinéad that publicly lambasted Miley for her careless words.

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4. Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell

In 2006, Rosie made comments about the Miss USA controversy in which she criticized Donald for being a “snake oil salesman.” The Donald then called Rosie a “real loser” in People magazine, and the feud hasn’t really been settled since.

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5. Kanye West and Taylor Swift

Kanye makes a second appearance on the list with the mic-grab heard ‘round the world. After Taylor won her first MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video, Kanye hijacked her speech to proclaim fellow nominee, Beyoncé, “had one of the best videos of all time,” essentially saying Taylor didn’t deserve to win. Kanye later apologized on a late-night show.

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6. Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre

In response to Chuck's comments about the actor's mental health, Charlie dragged the Two and a Half Men creator into the spotlight by dissing him to a TMZ cameraman. It was the catalyst for a series of arguments that resulted in Charlie being fired from the popular series.

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7. Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields

After Brooke opened-up about her battles with postpartum depression and the medications she used to alleviate it, Tom made comments on MSNBC saying she dealt with her depression the wrong way and shouldn’t have taken meds. Brooke responded with a New York Times column refuting Tom’s judgmental remarks, and Tom has since apologized.

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8. Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj

When these two worked together on American Idol, it was a disaster. In a video of their most heated argument, Nicki cusses-out Mariah following an audition. It was all caught on video and posted online.

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9. Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan

These two have been in a long-lasting feud, with the most recent involving Paris' brother who claimed LiLo orchestrated an attack on him. When asked if they’d ever be friends again by TMZ last year, Paris simply said “no.”

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10. LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville

It’s hard to keep track of this feud, which has been raging-on for years now. LeAnn had an affair with Brandi’s then-husband Eddie Cibrian, which lead to the couple’s divorce.

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