Kanye West: Kim K Could Be a Bigger Singer Than Beyonce

December 12, 2013 By:
Kanye West: Kim K Could Be a Bigger Singer Than Beyonce
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Look out your window, where the heavens must be splitting in two, for a derby of headless horsemen prepare to descend upon us because Kanye West just made his most sacrilegious statement thus far.

The rapper claimed that he could make his fiancée Kim Kardashian a bigger star than Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter.

Speaking to WGCI radio in Chicago, the rapper said that with some singing lessons, Kanye could give her a hugely successful and critically acclaimed music career.

“I am going to make Kim Kardashian a bigger performer than Beyoncé,” he said. “Me and Kim will soon be the first couple of hip-hop.”


Meanwhile, in a castle far, far away, Beyoncé perks up one eyebrow, exhales a good-humored sigh (which she intentionally does in a C-sharp just to prove she can even sigh in tune), while sitting atop her rightful throne and hers alone.

Kim has released one song (for fun) in 2010 called "Turn It Up."

Beyoncé has released one song (plus 74) in her career so far, so you do the math.

Here's that Kim K song we were talking about.