Kanye West Gropes Kim Kardashian in Fashion Spread

March 5, 2013 By:
Kanye West Gropes Kim Kardashian in Fashion Spread

Remember when Kim Kardashian said something about wanting to be more of a recluse and less in our faces regarding her personal life? Neither does Kim Kardashian.

In the wake of a hazardous memory lapse, Kim must've tripped on some python Louboutin shoes, fell down a marble staircase, and then hit her head on something, presumably this magazine spread because there's a shot of Kanye West in there groping her boob that we did not ask for.

The couple originally turned heads on the cover of the French mag, L'Officiel Hommes, which featured Kim and Kanye kopulating. It left very little to the imagination, so we shouldn't be so surprised here.

The pair continue to get hot and heavy in the fashion spread, now released in full for your viewing pleasure/displeasure, depending on how you feel about people who say one thing and then do another, someone who says they might, like, want to be like, just a little more private and then shows us a lot more of their privates.

Then again, Kim never said anything about being more private IN FRENCH, right?

The editorial end of these images haven't been disclosed yet, but if the poses indicate anything, we're guessing it'll be an even further glimpse into their high-profile relationship. We're curious to see how they try to artfully spin this one though. How Kanye's hand-held vise on Kim's breast is really a symbolic gesture of the grip he has on her heart and if you guys took the time to look deeper than just the surface you'd realize it's really all a metaphor.