The Tanorexic Mom: Is Hollywood That Far Off?

May 11, 2012 By:
The Tanorexic Mom: Is Hollywood That Far Off?

Last week the Tanorexic mom made headlines for looking like a real-life piece of beef jerky.

The New Jersey woman, Patricia Krentcil, was accused of taking her daughter to a tanning salon and now the woman has been banned from most NJ tanning salons.

Legal mumbo jumbo aside, the woman is a walking slim Jim, the crayola lady, she looks like a leather belt with glued on googly eyed…do you get the picture?

Too bad, these Hollywood stars aren’t that far off.

Courtney Stodden: Courtney Stodden is that stripper attention-grabbing 37-year-old 17-year-old that married former “Lost” star and 51-year old man Doug Hutchison.

If you aren’t familiar, congratulations, that being said, she WILL be the next New Jersey tanorexic mom. Just give her 5 years. And just like the tanorexic mom, she loves a frosted pink lipgloss. Ahhh the horror!

Snooki/Sammi/JWoww/Deena: I’m just going to lump all the women of The Jersey Shore together. I feel like these girl just skip out on the “gym” and “laundry” portions of their GTL regime, because these chicks are orange! These girls have started to ease up on the fake ‘n’ bake, especially now that they are nearly full-fledged celebs. That being said, JWoww’s still pretty crispy.

Donatella Versace: Donatella Versace has been faux glowing before tanning beds existed. She may know what she’s doing over at the House of Versace, but when it comes to her skin, oompa loompa is never “on trend.”

Christina Aguilera: Back in her “Dirty” days Christina Aguilera was burned to a crisp. Not only that, but she put bronzer on top of the faux tan! And how can we forget her faux tan fiasco when it appeared she was leaking self-tanner down her leg as she sang at Etta James’ funeral?

Lindsay Lohan: Lindsay’s skin color is approaching normalcy but remember back to her post “Mean Girl” days and Lindsay was a bronzed beauty. Well, minus the beauty. On the bright side, her faux orange glow matched perfectly with her orange jail jumpsuit! She even has her own spray tan brand called Sevin Nyne.

Victoria Beckham: Victoria Beckham is a reformed tanning addict. Her skin now reflects a healthy glow but there was a time when Victoria was known for her brown skin and short blonde bob. One good thing about Victoria, she was never quite orange, she was just a little too crisp.