Snooki & JWoww: Doggie Daycare And A Lesson In Lying

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Snooki & JWoww: Doggie Daycare And A Lesson In Lying

JWoww admits to being a compulsive lair, but it’s Snooki that gets thrown to the dogs in tonight’s episode of "Snooki and JWoww."

Snooki -- spared of ever having to actually work thanks to her Shore status – for some reason volunteers at a doggie daycare.

There’s a bit of priceless foreshadowing as Snook enters the room and chats up the actual employee:
“This is your job? It’s the easiest job ever.”

The rest of the clip consists of her getting attacked by little yipping dogs.

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She screams and tries to fend off hyper little “jumpers,” and one in particular who keeps hurling itself upon her chest and “clawing” at her “t*ts.”

Snooki’s boob situation covered, JWoww then gets her butt reamed by her fiancé Roger, for an admitted ingrained aversion to honesty.

“Roger’s mad at the fact that I lie. I lie about stupid sh*t all the time. But I look at it like stupid lies and big lies.”

She then seems to give a fairly honest (we think?) assessment of their relationship.

“Trust is definitely the most important thing to Roger, and like, not lying. So… he f**ked up by dating me.”

Well, obviously this was filmed a while ago, so that storm must have blown over.

Hollyscoop spoke with the couple just the other day as she divulged another perceived big truth, “I just want a big ring.”

This latest episode in these Jersey girls' adventures in life and love airs tonight on MTV.

Snooki Volunteers:

JWOWW Fights: