JWoww 'Insulted' By Plastic Surgery Rumors

December 9, 2011 By:
JWoww 'Insulted' By Plastic Surgery Rumors

Jenni “JWoww’ Farley has transformed quite a bit since the first season of Jersey Shore. And we all know what that means. Time for some plastic surgery rumors!

Yup, people have been speculating that JWoww had plastic surgery on her cheeks, nose and chin. Originally, the reality star told Hollyscoop she found the rumors “flattering.”

“Even though I work out and lose 10-15 pounds they think I had to do so much,” JWoww told Hollyscoop. “I got a nose job, chin job, cheeks; I only lost a couple of pounds and got skin treatments. It's kinda good when they think I transformed that much that they think I went to the extreme. I just laugh at it.”

But I guess it’s starting to get kind of old. Because now, JWoww says she finds it “insulting.” On The Wendy Williams Show on Thursday, Jenni said:

"They say I got my cheeks done, they say I got my nose, my chin. I just lost 15 pounds, and it was all in my face and neck. That's what was insulting to me, because I was like, 'What did my nose look like 15 pounds ago?'"

Good point. Plus, seeing as how they put out a new season of Jersey Shore every couple of months, I’m not sure when she’d have time to do it.

And Jenni's not exactly shy about the plastic surgery she has had. She once said of her boobs:

"These babies are 700 ccs and they're gonna stay 700 cc's."

She also denies getting lip injections.

"I feel like I should go on a morning show, or your show, and just have a plastic surgeon see if I got anything done, because I want to prove everyone wrong," Farley said.

JWoww lost the weight by training five days a week with her bodybuilder boyfriend Roger Matthews. If you watch the show, he's the pair of biceps with the fauxhawk.

"I work out twice a day, and we do 30 minutes of cardio and the free weights," Jenni told Us Weekly.

When it comes to the criticism, Jenni had a few words of wisdom for Hollyscoop:

“Haters are going to hate.”

Indeed, JWoww. Indeed.

The new season of Jersey Shore premieres on January 5. So what can we expect? I’m guessing drinking, casual sex, and more drinking. And then more casual sex. JWoww gives a preview of what’s to come:

“You’re gonna see a couple birthday parties, you’re gonna see, obviously, drama. But it’s a different take on us, because you know, Vinnie might be leaving. So it was a rough time, but it was also a good time.”