Justin Timberlake Was Miserable for Years

March 16, 2011 By:
Justin Timberlake Was Miserable for Years

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel just announced their split after four years, but apparently JT was "miserable" throughout a big chunk of their relationship.

Justin's good "pal" tells Us Weekly, "he hasn't been happy with Jessica for close to two years."

"You'd be surprised at how soon the love was lost on this one," the friend continues. "Justin said he was miserable."

I can see it. He usually looks miserable. But I don't know if that's Jessica's fault. He looked miserable with Cameron Diaz too. Maybe you're the problem Justin. #justsayin.

Another reason for the split may have had to do with marriage talk. Jessica was ready for JT to put a ring on it and JT was already thinking about his next long-term relationship. Seriously, this guy is a serial relationshiper!

Were you surprised by the split? Do you think Mila Kunis had anything to do with the split? Tell us your theories in the comments below!