Justin Timberlake to Write Book About Golf

July 8, 2009 By:
Justin Timberlake to Write Book About Golf

One of Justin Timberlake’s favorite pastimes is golfing.

He’s always signing up for celebrity charity golf tournaments, and even developed his own eco-friendly golf course in his home town of Memphis, Tennessee.

And now Justin is looking to write a book about his hobby of choice! According to the New York Observer, literary agent David Vigliano, who has repped other celebs-turned-authors, recently sent editors a proposal of JT’s idea.

There’s speculation that the book will be a collection of stories about the different high profile people Justin has played the links with.

We like this idea! As long as Justin isn’t putting in his tips on the game (leave that to the pros!), we’re in favor of it. It sounds like he just wants to release a book about his personal stories from the green!